Friday, April 22, 2011

Water or Crackers for Elephants?

I apparently missed the boat, but Monday was National Animal Cracker Day.  I'm assuming EVERYONE else missed the boat on this one -- I mean really, since when do we have a NATIONAL Animal Cracker Day?!

Regardless of my shock, any national holiday is well worth celebrating in my opinion. 

I remember being so excited when my mom would get me animal crackers.  I loved them.  Not only did I love them, but I also loved the box.  That handy little string, which was surely intended to make it easier for small hands to carry, was amazing.  As soon as I finished the box, I used it as my purse.  Now, being six years old and not having a wallet or lipstick to carry, I would fill it with whatever treasures I could find on a particular day.  Over the years it was home to rocks, small toys, spare change I found around the house, pencils and my imagination.  

Well after the cardboard was worn and the string barely hanging on, the happiness that box brought to me was still tangible.  I may have outgrown the animal-cracker-box-as-purse phase, but shoot those crackers (well, let's be honest, cookies) are good!

My best friend Megan has what I consider a love-hate relationship with clowns.  So naturally for her birthday I made her a circus!  And yes, there are animal crackers in my circus :)

Megan's circus was chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream frosting, topped with flashy clown suits, peanuts and animals galore.

On a totally unrelated (but sort of in my wandering way) note, the next time I create a cupcake circus I think I'll need to craft Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon out of buttercream to go with it :)  I absolutely cannot wait to see this movie!


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